Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh the lovely month of February...

So...February...This month is closer to the holiday season, than the actual holiday season...After 4...yes, 4...birthday parties and Valentine's day...I didn't lose much weight. I gained a few good pounds.

So this month, I worked on getting back to where I was at, at the end of February, and I am there! Thank goodness. I'm looking forward to losing a few more pounds the remainder of this month and reaching my first goal of 30 pounds in April....hopefully before my mother-in-law comes to visit.

We are following the GAPS diet - this diet helps with a myriad of issues - for me personally eczema and weight loss. For my husband, weight gain depression, and anxiety, We have been on the intro diet since March 1st, and are now on stage 3 - which means we can eat - homemade meat broth, boiled meats, well boiled vegetables, fermented vegetables, animal fat, ghee oil, egg yolks, just added egg whites, walnuts, and avocados! It's a pretty strict healing diet - aimed to heal leaky gut syndrome.

Honestly - I feel amazing. AMAZING! My husband has been in a good mood for almost a week. That relieves a ton of stress for us. My skin has not broken out in hives unless I eat something I'm not supposed to. We both have more energy, even when we're tired. It's been pretty great. It's a huge blessing for me when my husband comes home and says he had a good day. Not a fine day, or a blah day, but a good day.'s like a breath of fresh air!

I'm juicing now as well. We've been able to drink carrot juice...mmmm...and today I added lettuce, apples and half a lemon. Greenish-brown, but good!

So, yay for March and yay for fresh starts. Feels good!

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